Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Support the AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson Cans for Kids!

This year the AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson Chapter created the Design Club, an after-school architectural education outreach program for inner city youth. Select member architects serve as volunteer teachers to enrich elementary students in the field of architecture. In its first year, the club has already seen positive results at Martin Luther King Elementary School located in Yonkers, NY. Children learn through hands-on projects about the science behind building, physics and geometry. Topics range from climate and insulation to bridge building, decoration and biomimicry. The club also takes students on educational field trips; this year was to The Guggenheim Museum.

In conjunction with this effort, Carol Kurth, AIA Architect and owner of OOCK, has created and is piloting a fundraising effort for education, by creating a recycling program, "Cans for Kids". Contractors and architectural firms are asked to collect and recycle all bottles and cans that are consumed on job sites and would otherwise wind up in dumpsters or buried in walls. The profits raised from the can deposits are given to the program in order to support its future.

To get started: Click on the poster above and print on 11 x 17" paper, hang up your sign on your collection bin, wait till it fills, redeem the can deposits, and mail funds to the address located on the poster.

If you have further questions about the "Cans for Kids" program, please contact Carol Kurth at 914-234-2595 or email her at carol.kurth@carolkurtharchitects.com