Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Daub & Bauble Gift Sets

Specially wrapped Hand Wash and Shea Butter infused Lotion with the deliciously scented aroma of Tarocco Orange and Clove!

This gift set is the perfect way to say "Thank you" to a Party Host(ess) or friend!

OOCK is open Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you can't make it in, here are some other ways to order:

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In celebration of this Thanksgiving, OOCK would like to give you Our Top 5 reasons you should be Green with Thanks …

5.    The End of the Plastic Bag Era - Cities like San Francisco are banning plastic bags, and for good reason, plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade, and as they litter they break down into tiny pieces which leak into our water and soil as well as harm our wildlife. Banning plastic bags nationwide would save retailers roughly $ 4 billion annually! Ireland's plastic bag tax has reduced oil consumption by approximately 18 million liters a year and raised $9.6 billion in the first year. Ireland's population is 6 million compared with the United States' population of over 300 million, if we were to follow their lead we could see a 50x larger reduction in oil and increase in tax surplus!!!

4.    Bringing the Past full Circle – There has been a significant increase in the amount of "waste" being diverted from landfills and into factories. Manufacturers are finding more ways than one to use a product after it has outlived its purpose. This surge in reuse is helping to make our oceans and lands more healthy.

3.    Improved Air Quality - Paints, fabrics and thousands of other products are now being produced in a Low or No-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) format. These products produce little or no off gassing resulting in cleaner and better quality air. Off gassing has been linked to cancer and asthma; improving our air can sustain not only our environment but our lives as well.

2.    The Green Economy - In the advent of global warming, industries were slow to change their ways, but with new social awareness, consumers are demanding products that are better for the environment and better for their health. The result is high quality goods that can sustain our environment and human life itself. The new movement is also bringing on a new infrastructure
of "green collar workers".

1.     Building a Brighter Future – The decisions we make today consequently and severely affect the generations that follow us. By choosing eco friendly products and sustainable methods for transportation and building, we will have a brighter future for our children. Here at OOCK we can help you achieve that future! Happy Thanksgiving.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Westchester Cottages and Gardens Magazine: “The Glamour Issue featuring Gorgeous Gifts”

(hmm….. so I guess being Green can be Glamorous!)

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, Westchester C&G Magazine is featuring an OOCK holiday item, Chalk Board Candles, as one of their favorite luxury gifts! The rewritable candle is offered in three delectable scents: Persian Fig, Pomegranate, and Lemon Grass.

Handmade in California, these accent pieces are made from 100% soy wax and housed in a sleek reusable chalkboard container. Perfect for a holiday gift or housewarming present, these inviting rays of light can bring warmth to any home.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Quirky thing about CORK

These days Cork is synonymous with "sustainability". Although it has been used for centuries to keep wine fermenting, the wine industry's by-product has resulted in all sorts of new uses, from flooring to fabric to concrete composite. Its sustainable attributes include not only its post industrial reuse, but the cork tree's renewability. The attractiveness of the cork oak tree is its' ability to re-grow its bark after it has been harvested. Cork is strong, light weight, and fireproof. It has proven to have a lasting capability in the history of its manufactured life.

OOCK is offering a selective line of Cork products including flooring, fabric and custom made cork ottomans.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Soy Panels: Voted Eco-friendly Product of the Year by Interior Design Magazine

This year, Inhabit's Embossed Wall Flats were voted by Interior Design Magazine as "Eco-Friendly Product of the Year". The beauty (and eco-friendliness) of this type wall treatment is its modular design and unparalleled versatility. Made from bamboo pulp, one of the world's most renewable resources, each 18" square panel can be placed on almost all types of wall surfaces with non toxic adhesive. The wall flat's raw surface can be painted with low voc paint and arranged to conquer any design dilemma. Wall Flats can easily be used to beautify tough-to-remove wall paper or damaged walls. They can also create free standing artwork that will make for a great conversation piece and help save the environment all at the same time.

OOCK has a variety of Embossed Wall Flats available. When you visit our boutique, our designers can assist you in picking the right style for your project needs. Consultation and on-site installation are available through The Office of Carol Kurth AIA Architect, PC and The Carol Kurth Collection,Ltd. for an additional cost. Panels are $86 per 10 panels.

Dimensions: 18"x18" panels
Content: 10 panels per box
Coverage: 22.5 square feet
Material: 100% molded bamboo paper pulp.
No chemical fillers or additives.
Color: Off-white paintable surface
Hand: Feels like a dense hardboard.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Westchester County Business Journal Article - Oct.17, 2008

Check out Kelly Liyakasa's article in the Westchester County Business Journal entitled:

"How green is my store: Sustainable interior design in Bedford"


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Green Materials:: Pandan, Mendong and Palm Wood

In today's green market there are a wide variety of available green resources that have been popping up and replacing the otherwise antiquated, non renewable and toxic materials we have been accustomed to living with until now. Three materials that have been growing rapidly in both popularity and in nature are Pandan, Mendong and Palmwood. Products made from these materials preserve an internal commitment to reduce environmental impact as well as maintain a sustainable rural ecosystem.


A beautiful fruit plant native to Indonesia. The production of woven Pandan is renewable because of the way in which it is produced. Local craftspeople remove only young leaves from the wild plant in order to allow for regeneration. The leaves are sliced and woven into beautiful patterns which can either be dyed (with safe dyes) or left in their natural color.


Mendong is a harvested grass that grows in fields and provides purification for ground water. Each harvest can be cut six times prior to replanting. The fiber then can be dyed and hand loomed with mono-filament to create a polished weave

Palm Wood

Traditionally, the Palm Wood (of which there are several different varieties) was harvested for about 70 years, at which point the tree would stop producing fruit. Farmers would then timber these plants, discard the remains and replant. Recently these otherwise discarded trees have been salvaged and recycled into everything from flooring to furniture.

**The items featured are manufactured by Via Motif. OOCK is a registered Via Motif dealer.
For more information call: (914) 234-6426 or visit our shop: M-F 9am to 5pm, The Arcade Building, Rt.22 Bedford, NY 10506.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Bedford, NY – OOCK, a design resource for sustainable living and the first green design boutique in the region, is opening it’s doors next week at The Arcade Building in Bedford Village, NY.

OOCK, is an acronym for Office Of Carol Kurth, an award winning Architectural firm based in Westchester, NY that has created the sustainable design store.

OOCK will be the first physical retail presence in the area that is completely dedicated to green products for the home. While many existing stores feature green merchandise, OOCK’s entire product offering is devoted to the ideal of sustainablility. Further, OOCK offers a comprehensive retail experience to help educate customers about eco-design. OOCK is also launching a weblog, which will offer tips on sustainable living for the home.

Created to showcase exciting possiblities for green home décor and environmental concepts, the OOCK philosophy is that responsible living can be luxurious and in harmony with one’s lifestyle.

Visit OOCK Monday thru Friday 9AM to 5PM or by appointment.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

China's Green City

It's exciting to see China seems to be taking environmental issues more seriously- their abysmal environmental policies around their population centers have led to some serious problems and tragic losses.

While China's new green city, Dongtan.

According to Business Week,
"About the size of Manhattan, Dongtan aims to be energy self-sufficient using a combination of wind, solar power, and biofuels. The brainchild of Arup Group, a London-based design and engineering firm, the multibillion-dollar project consists of three "villages" juxtaposed to create a central civic area. The plan dictates that no dwelling be more than a seven-minute walk from fuel-cell-powered public transport. Organic farms surrounding the development will supply residents with fresh produce and buffer the island's delicate wetland ecosystem. In 2010, apartments will become available to about 5,000 residents. By 2050, the planners predict, the headcount will hit 500,000."
While our first reaction was that it was just a public relations ploy by China, especially after all the negative press about air quality in Beijing for the Olympics, but after reading the specifics of the plan (and that they were produced by an independent British contractor), it seems to be an impressive display of China's power for positive change. We hope there's more to come, both in China and here, in this same vein.

Monday, July 14, 2008

OOCK emerging....

The Office of Carol JW Kurth,AIA Architect,pc is is about to launch OOCK, a sustainable "green" design boutique in Bedford, NY, near the Bedford Village Green in the Arcade Building.

In these pre-opening days we are getting our displays organized, testing our eco-friendly products as they arrive each day, and are generally just excited to be able to offer sustainable design options. We look forward to customer suggestions as we add to our growing collection of susatinable design products, from recycled plastics made into magnificent textiles to organic cotton bedding and natural soaps and lotions.

Part of our mission is to help educate the public about the myriad types of "green" and to help take some of the confusion about all these terms and clarify it in some simple and manageable terms...which, by the way, new ones seem to be added all the time!

Look for our OOCK bookmarks, hangtags and posters - the OOCK dictionary of green terminology - to help categorize and understand the many ways that all of us can be environmentally responsible!