Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Green Materials:: Pandan, Mendong and Palm Wood

In today's green market there are a wide variety of available green resources that have been popping up and replacing the otherwise antiquated, non renewable and toxic materials we have been accustomed to living with until now. Three materials that have been growing rapidly in both popularity and in nature are Pandan, Mendong and Palmwood. Products made from these materials preserve an internal commitment to reduce environmental impact as well as maintain a sustainable rural ecosystem.


A beautiful fruit plant native to Indonesia. The production of woven Pandan is renewable because of the way in which it is produced. Local craftspeople remove only young leaves from the wild plant in order to allow for regeneration. The leaves are sliced and woven into beautiful patterns which can either be dyed (with safe dyes) or left in their natural color.


Mendong is a harvested grass that grows in fields and provides purification for ground water. Each harvest can be cut six times prior to replanting. The fiber then can be dyed and hand loomed with mono-filament to create a polished weave

Palm Wood

Traditionally, the Palm Wood (of which there are several different varieties) was harvested for about 70 years, at which point the tree would stop producing fruit. Farmers would then timber these plants, discard the remains and replant. Recently these otherwise discarded trees have been salvaged and recycled into everything from flooring to furniture.

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